Jury finds Trump guilty of sexual assault and awards woman $5 Million

E. Jean Carroll was awarded $5 million after a jury judged Donald Trump responsible for sexually assaulting her in 1996. This verdict might follow the former president as he runs for re-election.

The jury reached a divided decision, rejecting Carroll’s allegation of being raped and holding Trump accountable for a less serious sexual assault. The verdict, however, deepens Trump’s legal problems and provides Carroll with justice after years of Trump’s mocking and denial of her claims.

A few hours after the start of the hearings, she nodded as the decision was revealed in a federal courtroom in New York City. She then hugged supporters and smiled through tears. Carroll’s laughter and sobs could be heard when the courtroom got quiet.

In addition, the jury determined that Trump had slandered Carroll after she made her claims public. Trump made the decision to skip the civil trial and was not there when the judgement was announced.Trump reaffirmed his denial that he knows Carroll in a statement posted to his social media account shortly after the conviction was announced, calling it “a disgrace” and “a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time.” He said he will appeal.

Following the announcement of the verdict, Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, and Trump’s attorney, Joseph Tacopina, embraced. He told reporters outside the courthouse that the jury’s decision to find Trump guilty of sexual assault while still finding him not guilty of the rape accusation was “perplexing” and “strange.”He remarked, “Part of me was obviously very happy that Donald Trump was not branded a rapist,”.

He supported Trump’s decision to stay away from the trial by claiming that he would have joined “a circus atmosphere, and having him here would be more of a circus.” Tacopina added: “What more can you say other than ‘I didn’t do it.’ And he said that on the road.”

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